Bar Fight

Bar Fight

Set the stage:

  • Inn of the Welcome Wench – make a link here
  • Heroes start anywhere in the bar they like
  • NPC’s start all over, at the bar, at tables, etc.

Ready the cast:


  • The drunks are just looking to blow off some steam. It’s been a long while since they’ve had a drink and they are celebrating. Their target priorities are:
  • someone who hit them, that is still standing
  • someone who attacked them, that is still standing
  • someone nearby

After all the actors are on stage, roll initiative.

PC’s can only use at-will attacks. If they attack a bloodied or down foe, they will be shunned.

End the scene after each PC has bloodied at least one drunk and/or has been bloodied themselves.

Post Mortem

  • Experience tbd
  • Treasure tbd

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Bar Fight

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