Raven Queen's Staff of Undead Command


    • Level
    • Raven Queen’s Staff of Undead Command
    • This staff is topped by the figure of the Raven Queen with her cloak thrown back in roughly the shape of a raven’s wings.

    • Weapon: Staff
    • Property: Resist necrotic damage = level of the user (i.e., a 2nd level user resists 2 points of necrotic damage).
    • Power (Selflessness ♦ Divine, radiant): Standard. All undead within close blast 10 hear the call of the staff and become enraged. Mindless undead will charge (including an attack) toward the holder of the staff, running & squeezing if necessary. If the staff holder is out of charge range, they will instead run to get as close as possible. Intelligent undead can choose – behave as above or take ongoing radiant damage equal to 5 + their level (save ends).
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Raven Queen's Staff of Undead Command

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